A Match Not Made in Heaven The Disconnect Between Job Seekers and Companies Hiring

This week I launched another study distributed by FlexJobs¹, which showed that 48% of unemployed job seekers are surprised in their job search because they do not find the right jobs to apply for. This overview similarly showed that 47% are actively researching their current career to discover a business, 85% will accept a pay cut to do some work, and 40% have applied for jobs they believe are too skilled.

What is happening in the current occupation market?

I ask this question because I found these wonderful details. We experienced a period after a “candidate shortage” and what we call a “vast market”. Candidates have a high base. They can negotiate a higher salary and have the opportunity to recognize reasons that will not be advertised regularly. Isn’t it …?

From the point of view of a job seeker, these details seem to paint something completely different than the picture painted by organizations that employ during unemployment. Where is the distinction?


Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes

Who could be the best person for your business? If you were that person, what would you need to find part of your work responsibilities group? What sentences could this candidate look for? What do you bring to the table that the comparative features do not have? Why would anyone need to work in this position in this organization? What type of person will be assigned to this occasion?


Rotate roles. Consult candidates when applying for a job.

In addition, to put yourself in the candidate’s shoes, also change jobs and accept tutorials that you might give up. Yesterday I read an article on tips for quick recruiting. It was a great article, and as I read it, it convinced me that a lot of advice can really be exchanged and used by organizations that use


Because we rely on candidates for referrals, referrals can also be useful for organizational recruitment. It is possible that the representatives of the organization will receive the participation of spreading the open profession through online media and dissemination of news among their organizations.

The outstanding achievements of the company

Did the organization you hired receive honors? Do they have significant achievements to show? Assuming this is the case, list them as part of the jobs group. Scholarships and Achievements are one way to help work and friends stand out from the crowd; Similarly, competitors can show achievements in a resume or in a meeting.

Retell a story and be specific

At the meeting, contestants are encouraged to share their stories and experiences, talk about a task they have covered, or are often asked to “report a point …”. Organizations can also retell their story as part of a set of work responsibilities or during a meeting. Part of the expected responsibility for organizations can show which projects will handle the position or projects that have simply been completed in the department. This gives candidates the opportunity to understand and manage the types of projects they will face.

A short show

All candidates must prepare a short presentation quick and describing them in the best way imaginable. The groups Expectations, Recruit Officers and Scouts should also have a brief introduction. For a set of work responsibilities, you should start with 2-3 sentences with your presentation. Why is it a good idea for someone to be interested in seeing this set of work responsibilities? Why is it advisable for someone to be interested in this business? Have a set of work responsibilities that engage the reader and encourage them to continue to seek the opportunity.