Canada’s express entry system: A comprehensive overview

If you want a well paying job in Canada but you are from another country, this is the right place for you. Here you will get to know the express entry system by which one can get entry in Canada. 

What is Express Entry?

It is a system that provides gateway for permanent residence foe various skilled workers in Canada. It has a very fast processing time which is close to six months. Moreover, various provinces prefer to recruit candidates via this entry system. 

How this express entry system works?

Step 1: Creating profile 

You need to create an express entry profile which is a clear indication for your interest to come to Canada as a skilled labour. This profile includes your qualification, skills , experience and personal details. 

There are three federal economic immigration programs among which you need to qualify one to get entry into the express pool. 

These three programs are:

Federal skilled workers program 

Federal skilled trades program 

Canadian experience class 

Express Entry pool

Now , you have submitted your profile. There is a comprehensive ranking known as CRS that will determine your place in the pool. This system will consider your skills, overall experience, language proficiency and many other things. 

Once you get entry into the express pool, you can update your profile as well and accordingly you status will vary. Once you come in the top bracket of express entry, you can apply for the permanent residence in Canada. 

Step 2: Invitation to apply 

You will get a lot of job invitations on two conditions. The first one is that you get nominated by a province or a territory and the second is that you come in the top bracket of express entry pool. 

Let say you get invited, you need to apply within a period of 90 days to submit an online application for PR by any below mentioned ways: 

  1. Federal Skilled trades program 
  2. Federal Skilled worker program 
  3. Canadian experience class
  4. Provincial nominee program

Then the processing of applications will take nearly six months.  

Provinces and territories as key partners

  1. You may be qualified for nominated by any territory or province as part of express entry. 
  2. You need to meet the regional market trend of territory or province for nomination.
  3. Eventually, if you are nominated by any province or territory, you will get an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

Key features of Express Entry system:

  1. One of the leading features is it’s quick processing time. Earlier candidates used to wait for year but now the entire process gets completed in 6 months only. 
  2. There is no processing fee required to apply for this system. It’s completely charges free.
  3. Express Entry migrants get decent jobs in Canada. They usually earn higher pay than the Canadian workers working in the country. 
  4. You can even take your family if you get selected via express entry system. 
  5. You need not take help of a lawyer for applying through express entry system. 
  6. The entire process is very fair due to Comprehensive ranking system which gets updated frequently. After some modification, your CRS score will change and thus your chances will also vary. 
  7. You can apply being a citizen of any country, origin or skill. You just need to integrate in the Canadian job market. 

So, it was all about the Express Entry system which helps skilled workers from all across the globe to get PR in Canada. This fair and systematic process gives all  applicants an equal chance. You can come and get a decent paying  job in Canada and live your life happily.

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