Careers in the Canadian Retail sector

Getting a good paying job in the retail sector is a top priority of many job seekers. It is specifically liked by the people who are just starting their career and want to have some retail skills. So, if you too want a decent retail sector job, you are at the right place.

Here we will discuss some of the most prominent retail jobs in Canada: 

Store Assistant

Being a store Assistant, your main duty will be attending the shop floor. You will be helping customers, organizing activities and as a cashier. The profile demands good communication skills apart from a lot of patience. You need to have a high school diploma or equivalent educational skill. Organizational skills and some sort of team work abilities are required to do justice to this profile. 

Customer Service Executive

It is a backend job where you will be dealing with various complaints and queries of customers. The job can be telephonic or chat based. You need to be proficient in the use of computers as you need to do some data entry. This profile demands empathy and a genuine desire to help customers. Moreover, politeness and patience are also needed to work successfully as a Customer Service executive. 


Although you will find the role in retail but you have to go to medical school for getting this job. Your main job as a pharmacist will be administering medicines and arranging prescriptions. It smis a responsible and sensitive job where your alertness is required. You will be offering advice on emergency medical solutions which is a great job in itself. In fact, the pay scale is also good as a pharmacist. 


A cashier is the backbone of any retail market whether it is a petrol pump or supermarket. You will be scanning items, opening and closing the register and helping customers with pack bags. As a customer-facing profile, here you need attention to details and ability to think on your feet. It requires a great consciousness to do justice with the job. Since it is a job related to monetary aspects you need to have loyal traits. 

Retail Sales Manager:

The job of Sales manager is challenging but is highly paying. It requires great effort and responsibility to handle the sales team. You need to follow deadlines and work under pressure. The job is dynamic and requires the ability to think instantly. On the contrary, the pay and perks are good as compared to other retail sector jobs. It is a hectic job with little work life balance but you will be paid decently for that. 

Advertising Manager:

If you have marketing and PR skills, this job is for you. Your duties will include effective advertisement and will have to utilize the advertising budget allocated to you. It will be your responsibility to gather online as well as offline traffic and thus you can hit sales targets and eventually enhance the brand awareness. You will be managing a small marketing team with a common goal to do efficient marketing to increase the sale. 

Security Guard

There are times when things get out of control and the role of a security guard comes into picture. Your main work will be monitoring customers or any suspicious activities. You need to take complete responsibility in case of emergency or any unwanted situation. Some sort of physical strength is required for this profile. 

Thus, these are some of the retail sector related jobs in which you can work. You need to actively hunt for these jobs through various job boards to make a career in Canadian retail sector. 

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