Cover letter writing tips for Canadian job Applications

Every job seeker pays utmost attention to the CV or resume for applying to a job. But, you should know that Cover letter plays an equal and a very crucial role in getting your job application shortlisted. It gives a short description of the candidate applying and thus saves the time of the recruiter as well. A cover letter is a document specifically created for a job opportunity and is addressed to a particular person or company. An effective cover letter must show your entire qualification in detail. It should depict your career background and complete details. 

Although it completely depends on the needs of the employer whether he/she wants it or not. So, it is an optional document depending on the company. 

But to make it effective, we will discuss the general format of Canadian style cover letters. 

Salutation: It is the first part of the cover letter. It should be a polite greeting and you should mention the full name of the recruiter. You should even put the prefix before the name of the recruiter if required. In case you do not know the name, use “to whomsoever it may concern” in the salutation part. 

After writing the salutation, the entire letter should be divided into 3 sections i.e. introduction, body and conclusion.

Introduction: It includes the introductory part and the first paragraph of the letter. Mention the position interested as well as your qualification in it. If you have any reference in the company, you can write that also. Moreover, you need to mention how you encountered the job opportunity. 

Content: This is the main body of the cover letter in which you persuade the company for your employment. It should be concise and accurate. Make sure you don’t forget to add your qualities and past achievements here. The body part also includes your vision with the company and future plans. So, in short it should demonstrate why the recruiter should hire you. You can even write your previous responsibilities and how you benefited your last company. It should be in maximum two paragraphs and must even include why you left the company. 

Conclusion: It is generally the last paragraph where you can ask for a response from the recruiter or company. Here you need to appreciate the company for providing job opportunities. Eventually, it should show your excitement to join the new company. Thus, the conclusion should be in just 3 to 4 sentences.

Adding Signature: It includes the closing line as well as your complete name. 

  1. Closing Line: It is the line which immediately precedes your name. 
  2. Name: Mention your full name in the last line. Since most of the job applications are electronic, you need not require a sign.

 Still there are certain other additional tips which you should follow. 

  1. The entire cover letter should be less than 1 page and it should be concise enough.
  2. Your cover letter should have a professional looking font. 
  3. The main thing is that font size should be readable and visible easily with eyes. 
  4. You should use proper spacing in between the words and sentences to make it more readable. 
  5. Please ensure that you put your entire address, email address, contact number and full name in your cover letter. 
  6. After mentioning your personal information, you should mention the date below it. 

So, it was all about the format of a Canadian style cover letter which needs to be followed diligently. It will enhance your chances to get that particular job. After following this general format and other tips, you will find that your chances of employability has enhanced. 

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