Enhancing Your LinkedIn Profile: Boost Your Job Prospects in Canada

Every year thousands of people graduate in Canada and many others complete their higher secondary education. Their main aim is to get a decent job in Canada and thus they try their best to get one. But sometimes due to lack of awareness and proper channels, they miss a good opportunity.

They need to use their LinkedIn profile very efficiently to enhance their reach. LinkedIn is a very powerful platform which they need to understand and how to use it for their own benefits.

In this article, we will discuss how to use LinkedIn in the best possible manner so as to get the desired job profile in this developed nation.

Start networking

Networking is the first aspect which increases your chance to get known among people working in similar profiles. You need to drop messages to the established people in your domain on LinkedIn. In this way, you have to make a formal relation with these people so as to expand your network. You need to send requests to people working in your field. For example, if you are a registered nurse in Canada, you need to make strong contacts with the already practicing nurses in the country. This way you will expand your reach. In fact, you should not bother asking reference from these people after making contacts with them. Because eventually, they can help you land you your first job may be as an intern.

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Appealing profile

Your LinkedIn profile apparently depicts you and you need to make it as attractive as possible. Make sure you have filled every possible detail in it. You should also show your credentials or a in the field which you may have done across the years. Sometimes, people visit your profile and they themselves ping you for giving you an offer to work for them. Thus, filling every minute detail about will be fruitful for your profile in the long run and can land you in a high paying job.

Posting content

This is another effective method to enhance your visibility. You should post your knowledge in the blog section so that people can read and know your expertise. Make sure your posts are consistent and knowledgeable. More engaging the post is, more is it’s readability. If needed, you should first research the topic well and then post anything. Because your post has the power to make you popular and praiseworthy among similar peers. In fact there are several CEOs of the company who are highly active on LinkedIn. Thus, this platform gives you a great chance to enhance your visibility among these high profile people. These CEOs may even ping you to work for their company if they like your posts and knowledge. So, this point should not be ignored at any cost and you will get it’s fruit surely.

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Applying for jobs

LinkedIn is not only for depicting your knowledge and making contacts, it gives people a chance to apply for the job profiles. Every day, there are several job posts in every profiles in the job section. You need to check their job descriptions and apply for them wisely. This is one of the most effective methods to apply and after going through your application, they will call you for further rounds of Interview for selection. You need to very vigilant in this regard and should take this very seriously as it can change your life.

These are some of the ways by which you can effectively use LinkedIn and get a job quickly in your core profile and get a decent salary.