Healthcare jobs in Canada: Career paths and requirements

The Healthcare sector is one of the top notch and evergreen sectors in Canada. This is a leading industry that provides ample job opportunities to people. Every year graduates and post graduates aspire for a decent job in this industry. 

But due to their unawareness they do not have complete knowledge of this sector. Mainly, professionals in this sector aid doctors in hospitals and nurses by taking X rays, taking blood samples and assisting with physical therapy. 

Here we will discuss some of the health sector jobs. 

Medical Assistants

They form the backbone of any hospital as all the office related tasks are done by them. These medical professionals attend phone calls, greet several patients, update medical records, arranges admission to the hospital, bookkeeping services and many more tasks. Apart from these, they perform medical care duties as well like taking the blood samples of patients, preparing them for various tests and assisting physicians. To get an entry level Medical assistant job, you need a high school diploma or post secondary education and you are good to go. You can easily make $17 per hour as a medical assistant. 

Patient Sitter

It is another classic job in the healthcare sector. These people work under nurses and have the task of providing care to patients. They maintain and support the daily activities of various patients and the residents who visit the hospital. The only prerequisite is a high school diploma and a CPR course is desirable. You can easily make $11 per hour in this profession. 


They are also known by the name of home health aides and they assist  elderly adults in their daily activities. Their main duties range from laundry services, making beds and preparing meals for the elderly and disabled people. A high school diploma  is the minimum prerequisite associated with this job and you can expect to make around $12.5 per hour in this profession.

Medical Billers

They mainly deal in handling transactions of the hospitals. Medical Billers collect payments from patients, submit claims to the insurers and mainly maintain billing records of the hospital. A medical Billers is expected to have a high school diploma or an associates degree to get into this profession. Moreover, you will need a certification as well to get an entry level job. $17 per hour is the minimum amount you can expect in this field. 

Nursing Assistant

As the name suggests, a nursing assistant is known to assist nursing and medical staff. These assistants indirectly helps patients and perform various routine tasks under the guidance and leadership of nurses. They escort patients to operation rooms and keep the rooms of patients near and clean. They maintain stores and set up equipment needed. Thus, their main task is backend and assisting the main staff of the hospital. You need to pass a competitive exam to get certified and to get entry into this profession. You can expect to have $15.5 per hour which is decent income for a professional at this level. 

Psychiatric Aide

Their main task is to help mentally and physically ill individuals in hospitals and mental hospitals. These aides help patients in dressing, eating and bathing. They keenly observe patients and report any behavioral change to the doctors. You need a high school diploma or equivalent to get into this field. If you aspire for it, you can easily make $15 per hour. 

So, these are some of the healthcare jobs in Canada and their requirements. Now, you need to know yourself where you are actually interested and apply accordingly for a happier life.

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