Immigration – Personal Experience to Canada

Most beginners endure a lot when they first arrive in Canada, so you may want to share some important facts about how brilliantly and quickly establish yourself in Canada. I am writing here about preparing for my arrival and my first year in Canada.

My deal was: go with my small group of three to Canada to land and accept our permanent resident card, which lasts between 4 and 9 weeks and explore the Canadian occupation market. So, assuming I can find a new line of business, I can go back to my country to sell my furniture, my car, pack my staff and go to Canada to start my new life.

That’s really what happened. He came to Canada and worked effectively with public spaces and collected a lot of data about the market and the culture of the Canadian occupation, and was willing to let his mind blow. I can find a new field to work in as an IT project manager after 80 days of landing. Everyone in Canada has revealed to me that this is a record and a rare occasion. The enigma is: You must have a great spirit of certainty, inspire yourself, not bother to wash, and most importantly, do not do resistance work … Your job search is your full-time job. So I went back to my unique nation, which collected everything, sold my car, furniture, and things, and returned to Canada to start my new life.

Try to collect as much data as possible from trusted assets, such as government websites and individual meetings; He constantly confirms everything he hears from people. People who cannot get a new line of business in their profession are likely to lose some of the necessary skills in the serious Canadian market; Such as English relationship skills (which are key to any business), engineering and medical licenses, and others among the skills close to home.