Navigating the Canadian Job market: A guide for newcomers

Getting a decent paying job in Canada is a dream for many people. Every year several newcomers come here to get a job due to its good economy, high standard of living and people friendly policies. So if you are a newcomer in the Canadian job industry, you have reached the right place. Being new to the job market, you might feel some difficulty in getting your desired profile. 

Before knowing some tips for enhancing your employability, you need to understand the Canadian job market briefly. Canada is a hub of jobs and there are ample jobs in every sector. You will find jobs in almost all domains in this country. But job seekers often find it tedius to get a job due to various factors. Because they don’t possess the relevant skills required for a particular job or they don’t have the practical exposure of the industry. They often feel the language and the cultural barrier in Canada. Sometimes people lack the necessary certifications associated with the job and thus have to back out from those jobs. 

Here, we will have a look at some points that can help the newcomer to find a suitable job in Canada.

Relevant skills

People do have skills but it doesn’t match with the requirement of the job. It should be relevant and specific with that particular job. As a newcomer, you need to identify the required skills that are in great demand so that you can land a good job here. Apart from job skills, other skills like teamwork, problem solving and communication play a major role. You must have your hands wet with skills practically. Having a great interpersonal skills will eventually enhance your chances for getting the job. 


The second most important feature is networking which opens many doors in the job market. You need to talk with various industry professionals in the market to understand the job market. Join LinkedIn to enhance your reach and make more and more contacts. You have to join specific industry related groups and participate in several discussions to make it to your desired profile. You need to be alert on various social media platforms and get connected with people in your domain in various companies.


Getting certified helps a lot because it validates your skill. Canadian employers often look out for the people having Canadian work experience. So, if you do any certification course from Canada, you will increase your chances of getting shortlisted for an interview and may even get a final selection. Certification is a proof that you possess the relevant skills and have some prerequisite exposure required for the job. Thus, you need to acquire certification from an authentic institute and acquire relevant skills.


Having a practical experience enhances your chances for getting selected. If you have Canadian work experience, then you are good to go. You need to specifically highlight your expertise and experience for the particular job. Moreover, mention your contribution or any specific task that you have done in your previous company that helped it. It will create a major impact in front of Employers. More is your experience, better will be your pay scale and post. So, having a prerequisite industry exposure will manifold your chances to get a particular job.

These are some of the tested methods which have helped many newcomers in getting a job in Canada. You need to emphasize on these suggestions and follow them so that employers can find your resume suitable and can give you a chance to work for them. 

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