Quebec Employment Trends and Opportunities

Every year thousands of people migrate to Canada in search of jobs. They come from all across the world to settle in Canada. Quebec is the only French speaking area of Canada and is highly developed. 

So, if you are also a graduate planning to move to Quebec, this blog is for you. 

Here we will have a look at the job market of Quebec and what are the various trends and top industries here. You will get to know the top in demand jobs of Quebec so that you can decide whether you should move here or not. 

Top Industries of Quebec:

Mining Industry

Mining sector produces the maximum number of jobs which is close to 1.5 lakhs. This sector is known to produce gold, zinc, iron, silver and many other metals. 

Manufacturing Industry

This comes under the secondary sector with decent paying jobs. It employs people in companies of paper, chemical, equipment, transport and refined petrol, etc. 

Agri-food industry

This sector is known for the production of agri-products, staple foods and various dairy products. Agri-food sector helps the farmers to get their products sold in the market.  

Hydro electricity sector

There are around 20000 jobs in this sector due to the various projects of Canadian government

It is an evolving sector with innovations being done every now and then.

Service Industries

Being the largest job producing sector, it offers immense opportunities in Quebec for job seekers. Finance, entertainment, education, IT, tourism and many other sectors. 

Now, the main question comes to what are the various in-demand jobs in Quebec. 

Finance Managers

They have a very huge demand in the city of Quebec. You need to have a degree in management and possess some finance related skills. In fact, efficient finance Managers are paid around $45 CAD per hour. These managers manage the entire financial structure of the company. 

HR Managers

HR professionals are needed so as to manage the manpower of the company. They handle several administrative tasks and resolve the conflicts among personnel. They are equally needed as other professionals. With experience, you can expect to make a salary ranging from $30 to $ 35  CAD per hour. 

Real Estate Managers

Real estate is a booming sector with ample job opportunities. Demand is always high due to increasing population. Real estate is the backbone of any nation due to the migration of large numbers of people. As a manager, you can get around $40 CAD per hour. 

Advertising Managers

As a manager of advertising, you are expected to make a decent amount up to $42 CAD per hour. You will be dealing in advertisement related activities. Your main job is to promote the product or service of the company and thus helping in increasing the traffic. 


Their job is also a very lucrative option for the youth. Quebec has a lot of job opportunities for accountants and related professionals. They impart various accounting solutions and keep a track on the balance sheet so as to optimize profit of the company. You can expect around $50 CAD per hour in Quebec. 


World can’t run without engineers and the same is true with Quebec companies. They are needed from various backgrounds such as mechanical, electrical and civil. They always have a great demand in the city. They are paid around $45 CAD per hour. 

So, this was all about Quebec and the opportunities which a newcomer sir experienced can get here. Being a graduate you must apply for these coveted jobs so as to make the most out of them and lead a fulfilling life. 

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