The job market in Alberta: Key Sectors and trends

Alberta is a well renowned city of Canada. It offers ample opportunities to the job seekers with desired skill sets and expertise. 

On a general trend , it is observed that the employment rate has decreased in the city. There can be several factors for this. But still there are several dominating Sectors which offer opportunities.

In this blog, we will have a look at some of the opportunities in Alberta.

Major Industries of Alberta: 

Forestry, Fishing, mining , oil and gas

Employment rate in these Sectors have increased by 1.4 % in the recent year. There is pipeline work going down in the city. It is providing employment to a lot of people. After its construction, one can expect to see the increased transport capacity of oil by 2.4 lakh barrels. Eventually, it will increase the overall production of Canada and these jobs will be created for the people. 


It is another prominent sector which is closely linked with the real estate where maximum jobs are created. Alberta needs skilled construction laborers every year to enhance the construction capacity.  On average, the Canadian government is looking to increase the employment rate by 6.5 % in this sector. With an increase in the population of the city, you can expect to increase various employment opportunities. In fact, removal of GST will help a lot in making more people employed.  

Retail Sector

After real estate, maximum jobs are in this sector, you just need to be vigilant about looking out for opportunities. Statistically, jobs have gone down by 0.4%. There are several profiles such as store assistant, store manager, cashier, etc which come under this sector. If you want such jobs, the basic high school diploma is required. On an average, you can expect to make 20 CAD per hour in Alberta. With increase in your experience and expertise, you can even make a decent income. 

Medical Sector

Healthcare is one of the needs of citizens of any country. Alberta needs a great number of healthcare professionals who are experts in doing their jobs. Nursing assistant , pharmacist, patient helper and many other profiles are there which come under this category. You can expect to make a decent income here due to growing demand in the city. You need to be a medical graduate or equivalent to get such jobs. Hospitals and various health organizations recruit these professionals to fulfill their needs. 

Manufacturing sector

It is one of the leading sectors in the cities that employs people from various backgrounds. It comes under the category of secondary sector where production from needle to ship takes place. You need to apply through various recruitment advertisements and you are good to go further. Various giant Industries of Alberta come under this that recruit professionals such as engineers, accountants and managers and many more. 

IT sector

It forms the backbone of the service sector and needs people from various technical backgrounds. Every year software engineers, data analysts, cloud computing professionals, etc are given high profile jobs in the IT industry. These people get high paying salaries with the best perks in the industry. 

So, you need to apply for these jobs and make a decent income in this beautiful city of Alberta. Although initially you may find it difficult but later on you will get a good paying job if you search through various modes. You need to constantly have a n eye on the notifications of prominent job boards of Canada that notify the vacancies of Alberta. Then you need to take part in the selection process and get a job at the end of the day. 

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