Top Job search strategies in Canada

Every year lakhs of people look out for jobs in Canada. But it is seen that sometimes newcomers are not able to find jobs. So they just have one question in mind: how can they find suitable jobs in Canada. 

Are there any strategies which can help them find jobs? 

Yes, there are six major strategies which eases the process of job hunting for people. 

Update Resume

Resume is the top most document which catches the eyes of employers at first glance. It tells you about your education, skills, experience and past achievements. Your resume should be very specific and follow the Canadian style and format. Highlighting your accomplishments and how you contributed in the past organizations helps a lot. 

Networking on LinkedIn

Joining this social media platform will make you more aware about the jobs in the Canadian market. LinkedIn has millions of companies and there are lakhs of jobs being placed on it every year. It is well known that around 90 percent of recruiters use this platform for getting the suitable candidates for their companies. While using LinkedIn, make sure that you have made a high quality profile with a good headshot and mention every professional detail about you. Then you need to connect with your friends and other colleagues on LinkedIn to get a greater reach on this platform. Send friend requests to new people mentioning why you want to connect with them.

Browsing various job boards

There are ample job boards in Canada that list the various job openings which can make the work of a newcomer easy. You need to have a daily look on these boards and apply accordingly. Apart from them, several companies put their requirements on their websites as well and you can apply there as well to maximize your chances. 

Attending workshops

It is another important method for hunting for a job in the Canadian market. There are several training programs that are carried out in Canada and you can attend them to enhance your reach. These not only impart job related skills but also make you more social so that you can increase your contacts. Then these contacts will further help you to reach your desired job profile.

Volunteering in the Community

Being a new to the job market, it is difficult to have the relevant contacts. But volunteering several activities will help you become more social. Although it is a long term approach, it is very effective in job hunting. This way you can enhance your connections and thus get your work done easily. 

Engaging in interviews

Attending more and more interviews will enhance your morale and confidence. These will make you more aware and thus will help you crack the interview in a good company. You will get to know the relevant industry related questions and thus it will boost your overall chances for getting a job. Several platforms organize these interviews which can give you information and thus increase your chances for getting a good job. In order to crack the interview, you should do some study about the company and its past as it will help you in getting attention. You will even get the reference for future interviews as well by making some contacts in the job market. 

These are some of the sure shot strategies which have helped many in the past and will continue to help many for finding employment in Canada. These tips will give a level playing field to the newcomers who want a job in Canada. You just need to follow them diligently to get a good job in Canada. 


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