Working in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide for Foreign Nationals

The labour shortage in Canada is a pressing issue for government of Canada. Research has shown that the Canadian market depends on immigration of people to address the shortage. Therefore, Immigration is the key to fill various roles and reducing the labour gap in 2023.

Welcoming of several newcomers from foreign countries to Canada is a sure shot goal of the government of Canada. There are nearly one million vacancies in Canada for varied job profiles, thus there is a great need for skilled workers to fill these positions.
There are several provincial nominee programs being run by Government for immigrants in Canada. Generally, there are lots of career opportunities in the health care, technology and other scientific areas tend to be in high demand across the country.

As a foreign national, you need to know the top 5 jobs that are in high demand in Canada:

Registered Nurse

obs in the healthcare sector are always in-demand in Canada. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, nurses are in shortage and a very high demand. Due to their very high demand, you can easily expect a job in this profile. If we talk about the average Annual Salary, it comes out at $70,975 which is a decent salary in Canada. The minimum Education required is a Bachelor’s degree and a registration with a territorial regulatory authority.

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Web Developers

A web developer is another job for allied specialists who are needed for developing applications or websites. So, there is a huge scope due to the types of projects one get to work on. With a boom in the tech sector, there are several options available for tech employees to get a job here in Canada. Thus, web developers have ample opportunities and gets hefty pay package. Their average Annual Salary is around $72,627 and the minimum education required is just a Bachelor’s degree.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers come in the list of the most in-demand jobs in Canada. They are needed in every nook and corner of Canada and there is a huge territory to transport commercial goods. A study reveals thag the vacancy rate in truck drivers is around 8%, giving various newcomers a room to get a decent job. Average Annual Salary is $46,828 and the minimum education needed is the completion of truck driver training and a driving license.


Canada releases 23,000 welding positions every 3 to 4 years for the trained welders which makes this profession highly demand. If you are a person with good welding experience, you will never ever face shortage of jobs in Canada. The average annual Salary lies between $18.00/hour and $41.10/hour and if talk about the minimum education, you need to have an onsite training to get your hands wet in the job.

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Canadian people love to have pets and thus veterinarians are in much demand. But they are short in supply in Canada and to make this shortage fulfilled, several vacancies are released every year. This career is one of the most demanding and honoured in Canada for several years. As a veterinarian you need to possess a license from the regulatory body within the territory of Canada. The average Annual Salary lies around $95,804 which makes it a fantastic job. Moreover, as an animal doctor l you will have more flexibility and multiple options of earning apart from your normal working hours. You can even visit home of your clients according to your convenience and the time suitability.

So, as a foreign national, you need to first apply through various channels like LinkedIn or social media platforms. In case, you need to just start any internship and then gradually move to a greater position.